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For Compelling Creations, one of the most inspirational home party jewelry companies, it's not just about the jewelry. We strive to inspire, encourage, and uplift our Customers and Party Guests through our jewelry messages. That spirit is quite alive in our Consultant community. Because of this, Compelling Creations has earned a reputation as one of the leading faith-based, jewelry home party companies.

There are many ways to become involved with us: host a home jewelry party, share your sentiments with our designs, refer us to a friend, fundraise by selling our jewelry, or join us as a home party Consultant! Learn more about us from our Customers by reading their testimonies or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

The pieces I purchased for my family are worn daily. As a home jewelry party guest I must say: the faith of the designer is so strong and filled with such passion that her stories inspire the customers to begin to have a story all their own. The pieces let me share my sentiments in moments of both joy and sorrow. I am touched that what I gave away has made a difference. Sandra, Nashville, TN

Thank you for your ministry and your obedience to share what God puts in your heart. HE has blessed you with such an incredible gift and it encourages me with my own new business to see what GOD can do for those who believe in Him through one of the best home party jewelry companies I have had the pleasure of working with. God bless your endeavor. — Karen, Normal, IL

I would like to give a testimony to Compelling Creations, a standout in faith based jewelry home party companies. I have been in direct sales for 23 years, three of which I was a corporate trainer/field developer. The past few months, I have been in prayer with a prayer team, and the last few days fasting with a prayer partner, and GOD himself, directed me to this site. I am still in awe...I believe God wants me to be a part of something, to be a light for Him in a community. It is just very exciting. — Tracy

I feel like every day is a home jewelry party since I received my beautiful, faith bracelet. I feel so blessed to have come across Compelling Creations' gorgeous jewelry. Can't wait to see what other beautiful choices they come up with for their next collection — Carol, Roswell, GA