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Compelling Creations, one of the finest at-home jewelry party companies, wants you to have a girls' night IN with your friends and family. After all, when is the last time you took some time for yourself?

Host a party and be generously rewarded! We can help you with many great jewelry party ideas. As a "thank you" for sharing our inspirational jewelry with friends and family, we offer a Fantastic FREE Hostess Gift*. Let's face it, we all love jewelry! And, FREE is an even better bonus for having a party.

Enthusiasm is contagious! When you and your Consultant share the meaning behind our unique, faith-based jewelry with your guests, the party sales increase. You can receive additional rewards in FREE Product Credit (Designer Dollars) and 50% off items depending on your jewelry party sales!

The chart below outlines the rewards:

Party Sales**
Free Designer Dollars
your choice from our
website catalog
½ Off Items
your choice from our
website catalog
25% of Retail Sales ($250+)
20% of Retail Sales ($160 - $200)
15% of Retail Sales ($90 - $120)
15% of Retail Sales ($60 - $89)
10% of Retail Sales ($20 - $39)
*All of our Hostess Rewards begin with $200 minimum party sales.**Excludes shipping, tax, Designer Dollars, and Hostess ½ off items.

As far as at-home jewelry party companies go, Compelling Creations is unique in that we bring a meaning and message to each piece of jewelry in the line. Why not wear and share your faith today? Need some jewelry party ideas? The possibilities are endless. Contact us and we will be happy to help.

Yes! Please contact me so that I can host a Wear It and Share It™ jewelry party with one of the most unique at-home jewelry party companies!

What was amazing was how the jewelry brought out stories from my guests. Two people would purchase the same piece, each with their own story of what it will mean to them.

– Jennifer, Atlanta, GA

This isn't just another jewelry party... the pieces touch people. All I had to do was show the piece and explain the inspiration behind it. My guests were eager to pass on that inspiration to their friends and family.

– Sue Ann, Fredericksburg, VA


Jewelry Party Ideas & Our Rewards Program

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